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Safe Shores Animal Rescue


Safe Shores Animal Rescue is a small-scale rescue devoted to placing homeless pets in loving and safe forever homes here at the Jersey Shore. It is personally run my me.  SSAR does this in 2 ways: by cross-promoting local animals in need and matching potential adopters with these animals; and by transporting homeless animals from the highly overpopulated (US commonwealth) island of Puerto Rico via airplane to Monmouth County,NJ. We work with All Sato Rescue and other organizations to transport and place animals. With the help of foster homes, SSAR has been matching animals in need (an average of 1 per month) with loving homes here at the "safe shores" of New Jersey since early 2011! We have had to take a break from this for about the last 5 years but we can help match you with a Sato rescue if you are interested!



Danielle was probably bought at a pet store in Puerto Rico as she is a purebred toy poodle but the fancy oceanfront community she was living in didn't mean she was being cared for. She was tied up outside most of the time and sometimes not given food or water. She was rescued in the summer of 2011 and arrived at JFK, where I picked her up and brought her to live a new life spoiled by my parents - Alicia and Mike Maseda

Willie & Lupita

Willie (left) and Lupita (right) were rescued in Puerto Rico ...

...They hopped a plane to NJ in July 2011 and were adopted together by Laura & Chris. Here they are below in their new home with their sister Lucky!


Princesa was also rescued in Puerto Rico in July 2011...

She made the flight over to NJ...

& She found a great home with Eugene in Long Branch. She is now known as Weezy!

To the right you can see Weezy just off the plane in a carrying tote headed to her new life! & on the left - happy as can be!


Taina - now Tati - was brought over to NJ in September 2011. She was fostered and eventually adopted for good by Donna and her family and has chihuahua siblings to play with!


Nick (now Slick) - a special 3-legged boy was brought over from PR to NJ in September 2011. He was adopted by a very loving mommy - Marina (who happens to have a prosthetic leg herself) - it was perfect!


Peludita (now Smooch) made the trip from SJU>EWR in September 2011 and found a great home with Mary! What a cutie! Mary is currently collaborating to write a children's book about Smooch the Sato Pooch!


Nube (Spanish for "cloud") is now named Luna (Spanish for "moon") and is enjoying life with her family in Howell!


Hannah arrived from Puerto Rico and after a few weeks of being cared for and loved by her wonderful foster mommy Cynthia, who called her Lily, she went to her forever home in New York and became Fay. She was able to travel down, though, for the 3rd Annual Sato Reunion in Asbury Park!


Wendy caught a plane over with Hannah and she went straight to her new home and has been there ever since! She has a fur sibling named Shelby and is a happy girl!

Linda / Lola

Linda was left in front of a vet office on a busy street in PR as a puppy. She came over to NJ, spent a couple of weeks in foster, and is now in her forever home in Marlboro with a huge yard to play in. She has grown a lot!

Shana / Callie

Shana, now Callie, came from Puerto Rico right after the new year (Jan 2013) and went straight to her forever home here in NJ with a loving family who will spoil this beauty!


Jack's owner in Puerto Rico could no longer care for him and that is when he hopped a plane to NJ looking for a new family. He has found one with some human sisters and a fenced in yard to play in! Yay Jack!

Thank you to Natalie Markova Photography for the beautiful shots of Jack that helped him get noticed!


Sparky had a bit of a tough time at first when he arrived in NJ but thanks to wonderful adopters he is doing great now!


Maya came to NJ & fit right in with her furry brother Ronan (RIP) and her human brother George. She is the white cutie in this photo.


Cynthia, who has fostered many Satos for me, lost her beloved pug - Jezebel. Days later I asked her if she would be willing to foster a cute little dog... amazingly named Jezebel! She said yes and lucky for (now) Rosie - she captured Cynthia's heart and has found her permanent home with her!


On my recent vacation to Puerto Rico I brought Sussy home on the plane with me. She found a wonderful home and (now) Bella is obviously spoiled & loved!!!


Cooper was rescued out of a bad backyard breeding situation in Puerto Rico and has found his forever home here in Wall, NJ!



The page is being developed... please check back soon for even more of the success stories we have already had and for animals looking for their forever homes!

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