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Frequently Asked Questions & Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

About Dog Walking & Pet Sitting...

Q) What areas do you serve?

A) In Monmouth County I cover the following towns / zip codes:

Allenhurst 07711

Asbury Park 07712

Avon By The Sea 07717

Belmar 07719

Bradley Beach 07720

Brielle 08730

Deal 07723

Eatontown 07724

Elberon 07740

Interlaken 07712

Loch Arbour 07711

Long Branch 07740

Manasquan 08736

Neptune 07753

NeptuneCity 07753

Oakhurst 07755

Ocean Grove 07756

Oceanport 07757

Rumson 07760

Sea Girt 08750

Shrewsbury 07702

South Belmar 07719

Spring Lake 07762

Spring Lake Heights 07762

Tinton Falls 07724

Wall 07719

West End 07740

West Long Branch 07764 

Q) How am I safeguarded from the hazards of having an employee of JSPC coming into my home and dealing with my pets and personal belongings?

A) Jersey Shore Pet Care, LLC is fully bonded and insured and bonded for any damage to or loss of personal property. You are not taking a risk by having someone come into your home because we are fully bonded and insured just for that reason! I also keep your keys (unmarked - no address) in a locked valet box.

About Canine Massage Therapy...

Q) What are the benefits of Canine Massage:


  • Improves blood circulation
  • Increases flexibility of soft tissue
  • Improves muscle tone and range of motion
  • Improves socialization skills
  • Provides relaxation and improves overall wellness
  • Helps injured muscles heal faster
  • Reduces discomfort from arthritis and hip dysplasia
  • Removes waste and toxins from muscles and joints
  • Reduces stress caused by adjusting to new environments
  • Reduces stiffness and provides comfort for elderly dogs
  • Helps to relieve puppy "growing pains"

Q) What school did you get your certification from?

A) I received my certification from the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage (RMSAAM) located in Colorado. I took an intensive certification course, with hands-on learning, from qualified instructors. I also completed case studies over several months, which were approved before I was granted my final certification. My Animal Control Officer course was through Career Development Institute and held at Mercer County Community College. My certificate was given to me by the NJ state Department of Health.

Q) Isn't petting my dog the same thing as a massage?

A) No. A massage by a professional canine massage therapist involves purpose and intent and combines specialized massage techniques to best serve the specific animal's needs. Different strokes and knowledge of the dog's skeletal and muscular structure are essential to providing the benefits of canine massage.  

Q) What does it mean that you are also a NJ Certified Animal Control Officer?

A) It means that I am certified by the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services to work as an Animal Control Officer and that I have completed a 50 hour course along with 20 hours of ride-along field experience. I am trained in animal CPR and First Aid. I have also learned much about animal health, appropriate living conditions, and dealing with aggressive animals or animals undergoing a stressful situation. An Animal Control Officer is not just a "dog-catcher" but a first responder for all emergency situations involving animals. I am not, however, a veterinarian or dog trainer. I can refer you to wonderful vets and trainers at your request! 

Q) How often should my dog get a massage?

A) It really depends on your goals & objectives for bringing your dog for massage. Once a week would not be too often and once a month would not be too little because any amount of massage is good for your dog. An ideal frequency would be either 1 massage per week or 1 massage every two weeks (2 per month) but we can consult on how to best meet your dog's needs and your goals.

Pet Sitting Testimonials

** See more reviews on

Sandy helped us out with our 4 dogs on very short notice and we immediately knew upon meeting her that our "girls" would be fine and that we could go on vacation. Since that first time we have exclusively used JSPC and recommend them to anyone needing their services. It is extremely important to us to know that our dogs are getting the same care in our home while we are away. Sandy has given us that peace of mind and we are so grateful she answered our first call even though SHE was on vacation in Florida! We and our 4 dogs are very happy clients.

Mary and Mitchell

Sandy is great. I've used her twice, for long vacations (15 days and 10 days) to watch my two cats and have nothing but good things to say about her. She usually texts me pictures of them when I'm in the country and she emailed me some when I was in Italy which i found pretty comforting. I have her come once or twice a day, at her discretion and its worked out well. She usually swings by and feeds them in the morning and then comes back at night and spends some time with them.She's better at watering plants than me too! - Dave

I have two French Bulldogs (Rocky and Elmo)...They are my LIFE!! For me to trust someone with them is a HUGE deal. I met Sandy a year ago through my stepfather, he is friends with her husband. I needed her at first for a vacation to the Bahamas (1 week). The initial visit went GREAT! The boys and I fell in love with her. The interaction with my dogs was a big hit, you could tell that she not only loves dogs but her job as well. While I was away she came 3 times a day, to let them out and feed them. She would stay a 1/2 hour with them, spend time, throw the ball, give them doggie massages and most important attention and love. During our vacation she would send me daily emails updating me on how they are doing and to top it off she would send pictures..that just warmed my heart to see my babies on the bed, outside, eating and just doing great...she really made my trip more relaxing knowing that the boys were in great hands and look happy. Since then I have been using Sandy Mon-Fri ..once a day while im at work. I am gone 9 1/2 hours and for me that is way too long to leave them alone. I leave the house at 8am..Sandy comes between 12-12:30 and im back home at its perfect, they get a nice walk and a pee break in the middle of the day, plus they get some love and play time. Everyday I receive a text from her when she leaves my house with an update, and sometimes a picture too. I give Sandy my garage code so she enters my house that way, and closes it when she leaves. I trust her sooo much and have even given her name to people for thier pets, which my best friend just started to use her as well. I think the world of her, she is an honest genuine person and I think you would be very happy with her service. - Genna 

Canine Massage Testimonials

- Sandy has worked on all 3 of our dogs. They all love her and seemed so relaxed when she was done. We brought all 3 but Zeus, our mastiff has pain issues as a result of being hit by a car 4 years ago. He limps less after a massage and is very happy! We are excited about taking them for their monthly massages with Sandy! She really puts her heart into all of the dogs she works on, and you can see her genuine desire to deliver the best canine massage therapy one can offer! We are lifetime clients now.

Lauryn and Joe

- GiaBella is my 4 year old princess yorkie, who happens to be quite a handful and rarely relaxes, especially in new enviornments, she wants to see everything and be a part of everything, so when I brought her to be massaged by Sandra I was a little concerned on if Gia would stop long enough to even get on the table! Sandra was great and allowed Gia to get aquainted with her surroundings, no rush at all. Once Gia had checked out the place, Sandra got her on the table and it was like Gia just belonged there, she hung out and allowed herself to enjoy being totally pampered. Gia had weak knees and Sandra explained to me how to keep them strong and the importance of massage on Gia's health. By the time we got home Gia was so relaxed, she just melted into the couch and was in her own little world of bliss for the remainder of the day. When my boyfriend got home that night, he even mentioned how relaxed she was and was curious to know what I did to get her to be so calm!


- Sandra massaged my 2 pups, Buddy and Kara. They are both miniature poodles. Buddy just loved it! He "smiled" the whole time and physically relaxed. Kara was a little nervous, but Sandra helped her calm down. The benefits I really noticed were afterwards though. Both Buddy and Kara were more affectionate and seemed more relaxed for the next few days. They even seem more comfortable around other people that they don't know. They really benefitted from it!


-Sandra massaged my two golden retrievers Holly and Callie. Holly is 10 months and Callie is one and a half. They are both full of energy, but Sandra was able to calm them both down to enjoy their messages. After their messages they seemed more relaxed around people that would come to the door or that they would see on their walks. I would definitely recommend a canine message from Sandra!


-Sandra has massaged my dogs on two separate occasions. I was highly impressed with Sandra's ability to effectively deal with one of my dogs who has a fear of strangers. Both dogs loved Sandra and demonstrated a remarkable calmness after their massages. Thanks again Sandra!!

Geoff & Elaina

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